About me

I am from Patna, capital city of state Bihar, India. I have spent most of my initial days in Kumhrar, a residential area of Patna, as well as a place of historical importance.

I went to Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar a boarding school located in the temple town Deoghar, for my secondary education. It is one of the schools run by a social service organization named Ramakrishna Mission. I developed a taste for science & mathematics during my secondary education and I decided to take engineering as my career.

In order to pursue engineering studies I went to IIT Kharagpur and opted to study Electronics engineering. IIT Kharagpur, better known as ‘IITKgp’ or simply ‘KGP’, is a place of all round development rather than only academic. I was proud resident of Patel Hall, residents of which are sometimes also referred as Patelians. Along with curricular studies, I also got interested in diverse applications of image- and signal-processing. I became member of Computer Vision group of KRAIG (Kharagpur Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Society) and also co-headed it for a few years. I liked playing soccer and was a member of National Sports Organization (2005-07).

Following my interest in image-processing, I went to USC, Los Angeles to purse Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with focus on brain imaging with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). I developed a number of new methods for artifact-correction, coregistration and connectivity analysis with multi-contrast brain MRI images for my Ph.D. Dissertation . Several of my Ph.D. work have been published in peer-reviewed journals and released as software packages. Moving forward, I would like to pursue a career in medical image analysis and acquisition.

I occasionally write on my technical-blog about few issues I have encountered, which others have also found useful. I like to paint and sketch in my free time, some of which are shown below. I am fond of music, be it Eastern, Western or Classical. I also enjoy watching movies and trying out new cuisines.

Sketch of a man Color composition Market place sketch
Some of my sketches and colour compositions.